About Southbound Press

Fine Art Prints, Cards, and Gift books of Art & Poetry: Jersey Shore, Long Island Sound, Cape May

Creating products for thoughtful, creative people whose lives include caring for others, Southbound Press offers balm for the caregiver’s spirit and inspiration to forge a legacy for future generations.

The press was founded in 1992 to publish The View in Winter, a three-generation work of art and poetry. Conceived as an end-of-life caregiving project by Alice Steer Wilson for her mother Margery Wells Steer, the book set the tone for a small press dedicated to:

  • Elegant, understated design and the use of sustainable materials
  • Women as creators, subjects, and curators of art and community
  • Printing locally in the USA, with the highest quality possible
  • Preservation of nature, art and place to provide a legacy for future generations

The name and logo refer to a beloved dog rescued on the southbound lane of Route 130 by Paul Stridick, who named him Southbound. As The View in Winter was in development, Southbound died. Janice chose the name, and Paul drew the logo.

To learn more about the Founder, Janice Wilson Stridick, visit:  http://www.JaniceWilsonStridick.com